Snoozebaby Kiss&Carry, Forest Green

The Kiss & Carry is a sophisticated baby carrier made of 100% breathable cotton. It combines the coziness of a sling with the convenience of a baby carrier. You can carry your baby from day one until about nine months (about 2.5 - 11 kg or size 50 - 80).

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Weight From 2.5 kg up to 11 kg
Compositions 100% cotton
Age From birth till 9 months
Manufacturer Snoozebaby, Amsterdam
Positions front, back
Used from birth


After three years of developing this product everything has been thought through: safety, security and comfort.

This baby carrier is perfect place to sleep.
You can carry your baby from day one until about nine months (about 2.5 - 11 kg or size 50 - 80).
The thought behind this was ‘nine months in your belly, nine months on your belly.
By holding your baby close to you it feels satisfied and this does wonders for bonding with the parent / guardian. Scientific research shows that babies who are carried are quieter and cry significantly less.
The material of the Kiss & Carry feels strong, but is flexible enough to adapt to the body of your baby at the same time. The carrier does not have a lot of stretch, which makes it safe and comfortable for you baby.
You not only will be able to carry your baby immediately after birth, but also in the months thereafter. Because the Kiss & Carry grows with your baby, you do not have to buy an additional product. You can bring the Kiss & Carry everywhere you go. Think of it as part of your ‘baby travel gear’.


Able to use from day 1 until about nine months (2,5-11 kg / size 50-80).
The waistband is adjustable from 72  m to 135 cm (size 36-48).
On the lower part of the straps there’s a band with which you can adjust the width to the size of your baby and attain the  position inneach stage.
The Kiss&Carry is ergonomic for both parent and baby. The little one’s position is assured. (the knees are  positioned higher than the buttocks). With this carrier the weight is evenly distributed over the shoulders.
Ultrasoft support for the neck and head of the baby. The neck/head-support is dettachable and can be washed separately at 60 degrees.
No hard harness, but a soft yet firm material to pack your baby in safely. At the same time the right curve in the back is realised.
As soon as you baby can sit independenly, you can use the Kiss&Carry as a back carrier as well.
In just 4 steps you can put on the Kiss&Carry.
In the waistband you will find lovely foot pockets.
Our famous labels: they are fun to fiddle and play with or to fasten a favourite toy or pacifier to.

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