My babygirl and I are very happy with our Amazonas ring sling! It's very practical to wear the baby around the house and on the street! Every time we go out we wear it, it's much more convenient than carrying the babycock! We love the color, the fabric, the small pocket. The only negative point is the gathering on the shoulder, it's not the most comfortable, perhaps a gathered shoulder would provide a better support.


We have enjoyed our Boba Wrap stardust immensely for about two months, it has been a great help when the baby was fussy and a lifesaver when I was alone with my baby. However, he is a big baby (3 months, 8,5 kg) and is now too heavy for the stretchy wrap. Nevertheless, we still use it because it still takes the edge of his weight off, although I support him with my hands. We have been given a soft structured carrier which we use now for walks, but my boba is still my go-to solution at home. Your service has been amazing, I have already recommended your site to several expecting mothers looking for babywearing solutions. Your customer service is excellent, shipping is free and fast, I have nothing but the best words for your shop.


We are very pleased with the Boba 4G Carrier! Its perfect for our everyday life and our little princess loves it too.


I love the Amazonas carrier I bought. Great fit comfort and colours.


Yes, we are using the carrier almost everyday and we love it. The carrier is very confortable and I must say that I am very satisfied. I will definitely reccommend your web shop and quick response and delivery to my friends.


I bought Amazonas babycarrier as a gift for my friend, an she is very content with it. She told me that carrier helped her a lot in everyday life with a young baby and a toddler. Aforementioned carrier is light, compact and very practical for use for newborns and for infants.


The BOBA carrier is perfect! Optimal weight distribution when carried in front with baby having 10 kilos. Good material, everything great! Also compliments to your services: quick, responsive, flexible. We will definitely recommend to our friends.

Kristina did a great job with my order! They shipped my boba carrier the same day! We love using it with our 3 month old and she loves being snuggled in it as well! It's super fast to put on even with having to adjust the size between me and my husband! The infant insert works great and like so many other infant inserts it doesn't add another layer keeping it cooler where we are in Spain! The hood is great for when it's raining! The Boba carrier has been wonderful!


It was a present for the birth of my Son (by the way - thank you guys for really fast delivery). I use it daily. It's easy and comfortabel for me and my now 10 months old son.


My wife and I just had our first daughter, and she is a real treat!! However, she has had some issues with sleeping, and she really likes to be close to me. The problem is that I am a college professor, and I really need to have the use of both of my hands. The Boba saved the day! I can wear it and do just about anything...including typing at my computer like I am doing right now...all without having to put my baby down.


Speedy delivery, fantastic carrier!


Fast delivery, beautiful colour, great quality, comfortable to wear... I'm recommending to everyone!


Hi! I'm letting you know we received the parcel yesterday! Thank you very much, such a satisfying and fast customer service!


Hi, We received our carrier last Friday and I wanted to thank you for nice service, quick delivery and awesome carrier. We just love it, it's so so comfy :) Thank you :)


We have bought from you baby carrier Boba Wrap and we use it from the first day we received it. In this carrier baby sleeps 2-3 hours. When I‘m going to put my baby in the carrier it seams that baby already knows that mother will take him near her heart and will carry so close. So we are very happy and it became every day ritual to swaddle my baby with Boba Wrap and to go for a walk to the forest with our dog. It makes me feel that I have one more pair of hands.


Hello, We are very satisfied with our baby carrier (Beco), our baby also is happy, because finaly she is not in the stroller. And - THANK YOU for very quick delivery - I got it in 3 days! Your comunication is very profesional. THANK YOU for advises.


Hello. I decided to buy baby carrier, because my newborn doesn‘t want to sleep in the stroller. So I was looking for alternative ways to go out for a walk in fresh air. So even if baby cries and is very angry, when I put i minto the baby carrier, he falls asleep in one minute and feel very comfortable.


I am very happy that I decided to buy baby sling. When we are going to the yard with our baby, our baby sling always is in our strollers shoping basket. When baby awakes and starts to cry, I can just take her to the sling and we can proceed our journey. Sometimes I even make exercizes with my baby in carrier. I recomend this way of sport for all my friends!. Thank YOU.